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Location: East Fortune

pn_w0775 (81k) VM360, Avro 652A Anson C.19, preserved/Museum of Flight, RAF marks, East Fortune, 8/1996
pn_w0780 (113k) XN776/C, English-Electric/BAC Lightning F.2A, preserved/Museum of Flight, RAF/92 Squadron marks, East Fortune, 8/1996
pn_w0769 (66k) G-ARCX, Gloster Meteor Mk.14, preserved/Museum of Flight, ex.WM261, Ferranti Ltd, East Fortune, 8/1996
pn_w0781 (95k) WF259/A-171, Hawker Sea Hawk F.2, preserved/Museum of Flight, RN marks, East Fortune, 8/1996
pn_w0777 (99k) 191659/15, Messerschmitt Me-163B-1a Komet, preserved/Museum of Flight, Luftwaffe II/JG 400 marks, East Fortune, 8/1996
pn_w0767 (66k) 3677, Mikoyan-Guryevich MiG-15 (S-102), preserved/Museum of Flight, c/n 613677, Czech AF marks, East Fortune, 8/1996
pn_w0768 (80k) 309, WSK-Mielec SBLim-2 (MiG-15UTI) nose only, preserved/Museum of Flight, c/n 3309?, Polish AF marks, East Fortune, 8/1996
9:14:36 AM
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