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2010/04/14 - 408 new and 72 updated images taken at; Mildenhall 1984 Air Fete additional & updated images, Suffolk England 10th June 1984; Bydgoszcz 1996 Air Show additional & updated images, Kujawsko-Pomorskie Poland 25th August 1996; Borcea-Fetesti additional images, Romania 26th August 2001; Gilze Rijen 2002 Air Show additional & updated images, North Brabant Netherlands 5th July 2002; Berlin-Schönefeld 2006 ILA additional & updated images, Berlin Germany 19-20th May 2006; Erding Tag der offen Tur 2006 additional images, Bavaria Germany 21st May 2006; Le Bourget Museé de l'Air et de l'Espace additional images, Paris France 4th June 2006; Swidwin, additional images, Poland 13th June 2007; Akeno, Mie Japan 26th November 2007; Komatsu, Ishikawa Japan 27th November 2007; Komatsu, Ishikawa Japan 28th November 2007; Atsugi, Kanagawa Japan 29th November 2007; Kisarazu, Chiba Japan 30th November 2007; Hyakuri, Ibaraki Japan 4th December 2007; Neuburg, Jagdgeschwader 74 Phantom Fly-Out Photo Call, Bavaria Germany 12th June 2008.
2008/04/18 - 737 new images taken at; Atsugi, Kanagawa Japan 4th November 2005; Gifu Bell 412, Gifu Japan 5th November 2005; Tsuiki Air Show, Fukuoka Japan 6th November 2005; Iwakuni Yamaguchi Japan 7th November 2005; Metabaru Saga Japan 8th November 2005; Takayubaru Kumamoto Japan 8th November 2005; Nyutabaru, Miyazaki Japan 9th and 10th November 2005; Kakamigahara Aerospace Museum, Gifu Japan 13th November 2005; Akeno, Mie Japan 14th November 2005; Komaki, Aichi Japan 14th November 2005; Komatsu and Ishikawa Aviation Plaza, Ishikawa Japan 15th November 2005; Gifu, Gifu Japan 16th November 2005; Atsugi, Kanagawa Japan 17th November 2005; Hyakuri, Ibaraki Japan 18th November 2005; Nyutabaru Air Show, Miyazaki Japan 2th December 2007; Iruma, Saitama Japan 3rd December 2007; Naha Okinawa Japan 5th, 6th, 7th December 2007; Naha Air Show, Okinawa Japan 9th December 2007.
2007/11/12 - 715 new images taken at; Misawa, Aomori Japan 31st October and 1st November 2005; Hyakuri, Ibaraki Japan 2nd November 2005; Iruma Air Show, Saitama Japan 3rd November 2005; Laage Luftwaffe 50th Anniversary open day additional images, Germany 19th August 2006; Bad Ischl Fahrzeug Technik Lufhtfahrt Museum, Austria 15th April 2007; RAF Brize Norton visiting 101 Squadron, 3rd May 2007; Air to Air taken from an RAF/101 Squadron VC-10 over the North Sea, 3rd May 2007; RAF Coningsby a couple of Tornado visiting, 4th May 2007; Minsk Mazowiecki Festyn Lotniczy Poland, 19th May 2007; Warsaw Muzeum Wojska Polskiego, Poland 20th May 2007; Warsaw Fort Sadyba Katyn Muzeum, Poland 19th, 20th May & 19th June 2007; Caslav 50th Anniversary Air Show, Czech Republic 26th May 2007; Poznan Muzeum Wyzwolenia Miasta Poznania na Cytadeli, Poland 27th May 2007; Drzonow Lubsukie Muzeum Wojskowe, Poland 27th and 28th May 2007; Tanneberg Triebischtalbaude which has an Su-22 preserved, Germany 28th May 2007; Malbork air base, home of 41 elt, Poland 11th June 2007; Swidwin air base, home of 40 elt, Poland 13th June 2007; Broniszew Su-20 preserved at a petrol station, Poland 17th June 2007; Skarzysko Kamienna Muzeum Orla Bialego, Poland 17th June 2007; Krakow Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego, Poland 17th June 2007; Bosca preserved Li-2, Hungary 12th August 2007; Jakabszallas preserved MiG-15, Hungary 12th August; Kecel Pinter Museum, Hungary 12th August 2007; Szolnok Magyar Repulestorteneti Muzeum, Hungary 12th August 2007; Manching 50th Anniversary WTD61 Open Day, Germany 15th September 2007; Zeltweg Militärluftfahrt 1955-2005 Exhibition, Austria 22nd September 2007.
2007/04/11 - 70 new images taken at the museums: Flugausstellung Junior Hermeskeil and Auto-Technik Museum Sinsheim, Germany 9th April 2007.
2007/02/12 - 134 new images taken at Wittmund, Germany 6th and 7th November 2006; Flugwerft Schleissheim, Germany 3rd December 2006; preserved Fiat G.91R/3's at Sontheim an der Brenz and Reutti, Germany 12th February 2007.
2006/10/17 - 35 new images taken at; Meringen and Payerne, Switzerland 9th October 2006.
2006/09/13 - 511 new images taken at; Berlin-Schoenefeld ILA2006, Germany 19th and 20th May 2006; Erding Tag Der Offen Tur, Germany 21st May 2006; Cerny-La Ferte Alais Air Show, France 3rd and 4th June 2006; Prerov Open Day, Czech Republic 10th June 2006; Kleine Brogel Photo Call, Belgium 21st July 2006; Air Mollis 06 Air Show, Switzerland 12th August 2006; Laage Luftwaffe 50th Anniversary Open Day, Germany 19th August 2006; Brno CIAF 2006, Czech Republic 2nd and 3rd September 2006; Namest nad Oslavou Open Day, Czech Republic 9th September 2006. Pictures taken on the approach to RAF Coningsby 18th and 19th July, RAF Marham 20th July. Additional pictures from museums and preserved aircraft; Le Bourget France; Gatow, Tegel, Neuenkirchen Germany; Brno-Cernovice, Ceske Budejovice, Ceske Olesna, Jihlava, Jilem, Kbely, Kunovice, Line, Horni Nemci, Vyskov Czech Republic.
2006/04/30 - 294 new images taken at; RAF Fairford during RIAT2005 in July 2005; Payerne Air'04 Air Show, Switzerland 4th and 5th September 2004; Additional pictures from Newark Air Museum on the 23rd July 2005; Imperial War Museum Duxford on the 23rd July 2005.
2005/10/26 - 306 new images, taken at Czech International Air Fest 2005 Brno-Turany Czech Republic September 2005, the La Ferté Alais Air Show at Cerny-La Ferté Alais, France May 2005, the Florennes TDPU Photo Call, Belgium July 2005 and Hunterverein Obersimmental 10th Anniversary Hunterfest at St.Stephan in Spetember 2004. Also the preserved MiG-21 taken at Brno-Lisen, the Militärluftfahrt 1955-2005 Exhibition in Hanger 8 at Zeltweg, the Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden and additional images from Technikmueum at Speyer and the Air and Space Museum at Le Bourget.
2005/07/09 - 319 new images, taken at Caslav Air Show Czech Republic May 2005, Prerov Air Show Czech Republic May 2005, Air Power 05 Zeltweg Austria in June 2005 and Flying Legends 2004 Duxford in July 2004. Added images taken at Brno, Kbely, Kunovice, Vyškov, Zruc Museums in the Czech Republic and a few pictures taken during Exercise Nomad at RAF Waddington July 2004.
2005/04/05 - 114 new images, taken at Meeting de l'air Dijon France June 2004, Musee l'Air & l'Espace Paris Le Bourget, Donington Aeropark Museum and preserved aircraft at Lahr, Söllingen and Bad Oeynhausen. Museo dell'Aviazone Rimini page was updated. 71 images from Khodynka and Monino around Moscow have been replaced with re-scanned versions.
2004/11/18 - 379 new images, taken at RIAT2002 Fairford, Flying Legends 2003 Duxford, ILA2004 Berlin-Schönefeld, F-104 Farewell Air Show Pratica di Mare, Hans Grade Museum Borkheide, Hugo Junkers Museum Dessau, Museum der Schweizerischen Fliegertruppe Dübendorf, Verkehrshaus der Schweiz Luzcern, Luftfahrt Technik Museum Merseburg, Museo dell'Aviazone Rimini, Museo Storico dell'Aeronautica Militare Vigna di Valle.
2003/11/27 - 235 new images, taken at Air Show Koksijde 2001, Flying Legends 2001 Duxford, Open Day Twente 2003, Salon de Paris 2003 Le Bourget, Meeting de l'Air Evreux 2003, Airpower'03 Zeltweg . Updated images at, Air Show 2001 Leeuwarden, Open Day 2000 Manching, MLM Soesterberg, Museum Savigny Les Beaune, Yorkshire Air Museum Elvington, Newark Air Museum, Technikmuseums at Sinsheim and Speyer.
2003/05/14 - 194 new images, taken at RIAT2000 Cottesmore, Flying Legends 2000 Duxford, Volkel air show 2000, Wunstorf open day 2000, Yeovilton air show 2000, Zeltweg Airpower 2000 the Flugausstellung Hermeskeil in September 2000, Autotron Rosmalen in September 2000.
2003/05/04 - 153 new images, taken at Florennes air show 2001, Gilze Rijen air show 2002, Koksijde air show 2002, Manching open day 2002 the Koninklijk Legermuseum in Brussels in Sepetember 2001, Museum Savigny les Beaune in September 2002, two MiG-21s preserved in Germany and a MiG-23 preserved in the Netherlands.
2002/07/02 - 55 new images, taken at Borcea-Fetesti and Bucharest, Romania during August 2001. At the Musee de lAbri, Hatten and the air show at Colmar-Meyehneim, in France June 2002.
2002/05/20 - 198 new images, taken at RoIAS-2001 at Contanta and Bacau in Romania during August 2001. Also visits to the museums and collections at, Dessau, Merseburg, Finow, Peenemunde, Nordholz, Laatzen, Cottbus and Rothenburg in Germany during May 2002.
2001/09/10 - 147 new images, taken at the air shows held at, Kemble July 2001, RIAT2001 Cottesmore July 2001 and pictures taken during Exercise Nomad at RAF Waddington July 2001.
2001/08/05 - 64 new images, taken at the air shows held at, Zeltweg July 2000, Yeovilton July 2000, Mildenhall May 2001 and Leeuwarden July 2001.
2001/05/22 - 30 new images, taken at the Duxford spring air show, on the 5th May 2001.
2001/05/20 - 50 new images, including pictures from the Deutsches Museum in downtown Munich and the associated Flugweft at Schleissheim just north of the city.
2001/03/07 - 68 new images, including pictures from the Midland Air Museum at Coventry and the RAF Museum at Cosford.
2001/01/07 - 172 new images, including pictures from, IAT85, Binbrook 1986, Coningsby 1986, Mildenhall 1986, Finningley 1986 and Manching 2000.
2000/09/21 - 6 new images from Zhukovsky and Monino visits in 1995.
2000/08/06 - 247 new images including pictures from IAT94, IAT95, RIAT96, RIAT99, Cottesmore,Duxford, Waddington and 127 revised images from Hendon, Zhukovsky 1995, Monino 1995, IAT94 and IAT95.
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