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Country: Russia: Tupolev: Tu-22M

pn_w0381 (79k) 4504, Tupolev Tu-22M-3 Backfire-C, Tupolev OKB, static, Zhukovsky, MAKS95, 25/8/1995
pn_w0289 (96k) 33, Tupolev Tu-22M-0 Backfire-A, preserved/Russian Air Force Museum, Russian AF marks, Monino, 26/8/1995
pn_w1144 (53k) Tupolev Tu-22M-3 Backfire-C, Tupolev OKB, displaying, Zhukovsky, MAKS95, 27/8/1995
pn_w1145 (65k) Tupolev Tu-22M-3 Backfire-C, Tupolev OKB, taxiing, Zhukovsky, MAKS95, 27/8/1995
pn_w0362 (74k) 40, Tupolev Tu-22M Backfire, preserved, flightline, Sheremeteyevo, 28/8/1995
11:49:52 AM
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